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  • We offer only the best for our customers

  • Let our proven system help you win! We only use the best type of data to determine our winners

We offer only the best for our customers

Let our proven system help you win! We only use the best type of data to determine our winners

MLB 2023 Wednesday May.31/2023

MLB daily pick

1 day picks for $20

(You receive all the plays for 1 day) 

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MLB 7 days of picks

7 day picks for $60

(You receive all the plays for 7 days) 

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How to purchase


Create a log in account before you pick a package and log in to your account. 


Pick a package you would like, fill out your payment information and make a purchase. You do not need a PayPal account. 


You will receive an email to confirm your purchase. Please confirm it is the proper email address.


You will have to go to MY PICKS first to log in, then after you log in, click on MY PICKS again to see the plays. The plays are posted an hour or two before the first game of the day starts.

Why Choose Us?

We use only the best type of analytics to ensure profitability

Our plays are chosen on a system that we have built to maximize profitability day in and day out. If you have been following our instagram page, you have seen our results. We're here to only win. That's what we provide. 

Plays are sent by log in only. Please ensure you set up an account to view the plays. .

Plays are obtained through log in only. They're sent once the injury reports are completed. We do our best to ensure your plays comes to you as quickly as possible as we know you have a busy life and we're here to make it simpler. The plays generally come an hour or two before the first game on the card starts. 

100% satisfaction

We pride ourselves on being 100% transparent with our plays. All plays are posted daily to ensure our customers receives the real results. Unlike other sites that never post their daily record, we want to show we can be trusted. We only offer the best to our customers because we expect nothing less for ourselves. Try us out and let us prove to you why people love us and follow us. 

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